Why A Program Of "Family Generativity" Could Be Vital To Your Family-Owned Business

Family Generativity Phenomenon Changes Expectations For Childcare and Youth Leadership Programs At Family Business Meetings And Retreats


The new field of Family Generativity has been spawned by an emergent phenomenon among American family-owned businesses to perpetuate their family legacies. Elizabeth Bird has proven herself to be a leader in this new field with her forward-looking research and the creation of Family Biz Kids, LLC.


Her philosophy and thinking on Family Generativity makes Family Biz Kids different than traditional childcare for annual meetings and retreats of family-owned businesses. Unlike other childcare services, Family Biz Kids is not about "babysitting the kids" at your family business meeting or retreat. However, our supervision responsibilities naturally provide you with the benefits of high quality youth programs, including childcare while you undertake the business of your company meeting. 

The most critical issues facing the families of family-owned businesses are family based more than they are business based. These issues involve personal conflicts, lack of trust, difficult family relationships or family demands on the business.


Or, put another way, family-owned businesses experience as much turbulence from negative family dynamics as from market forces. These negatives can be overcome by creating new patterns for healthier family dynamics through effective communication and relational enhancements that focus on trust and respect.


The key to circumventing family conflicts with the potential of tearing apart family-owned businesses is the early relational development of the family's children and adolescents.


A "Family Generativity" Program Distinctly For Your Kids
At Annual Business Meetings And Retreats


Family Biz Kids© provides multi-curriculum programs for family-owned businesses that are designed to develop and mentor children for their future family and business leadership roles and concomitant responsibilities in society.


We work with you to create a full range of youth centered Family Generativity programs that we conduct for you at your annual business meeting or retreat. Our goal is to assist you in the inclusion of all family members at these meetings. The long-term benefit of our programs is the development of lifelong relationships of trust and harmony that are critical to success in family-owned businesses.


What Our Generativity Programs Can Do For Your Kids


  • Prepare your younger generation for assuming their future leadership roles
  • Foster bonding and good relationships between your kids and their cousins
  • Develop your children's interest in the continuity of your family-owned business
  • Teach concepts and strategies that families can use to communicate and resolve conflicts among themselves
  • Encourage appreciation for the history and values of your family
  • Find out your children's talents, leadership assets and predisposed interests in your family enterprise


We Offer Three Categories Of Service:



Family Biz Kids creates entire programs and environments on-site that are uniquely suited for your children's experiences in forging lifelong relationships. Our three categories of service offerings are:


Professional development and implementation of the Family Generativity program that we put into place for your family:


A needs assessment for determining what type of program will meet the needs of your family, a scope of work and budget plan for your review and approval, the design and creation of a range of Family Generativity programs that are age and developmentally appropriate for your family and suitable for your meeting site, our implementation of your program and, lastly, an evaluation after the end of the program.


Ancillary services to situate your Family Generativity program at the site of your annual business meeting or retreat:


Site selecting and planning of your Family Generativity program at your meeting will be coordinated for you through our liaison with your meeting planners. These services include the management, setup and breakdown of our program at your site, as well as facilitating local services such as hotel staff and local adventure specialists.


Consultation and collaboration with your other family business advisors including attorneys and accountants:


Aside from our programs and services, we offer peer coaching on the salient points of Family Generativity and in-depth guidance and collaboration on the best use of our services.



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