Family Biz Kids also offers online programming during virtual meetings. We will work with your family to customize a fun and interactive program that can include intergenerational activities for all ages. The diverse skill sets of our educators ensure creative and dynamic experiences for your entire family. Please get in touch with us if you would like a proposal.


Family Biz Kids

We are an educational consulting firm with over twenty-five years of experience partnering with multi-generational family enterprises. We individually design and conduct high-quality programs for children, teens, and their families that primarily take place during in-person and virtual family business retreats and meetings. 

Customized Programming

Our personalized programs ensure an intentional balance of fun and developmentally appropriate educational activities for all ages. In addition to connecting and building relationships as our primary goal, the program elements include high-quality childcare for very young children, camp-like and educational programs for school-age children, and social and educational curricula for teens and young adults. Our programs also focus on wealth and financial well-being, family culture, history, leadership, shared values and goals, and parenting education.

Our Focus 

  • Building connections across generations
  • Develop the interest of the rising generation in the continuity of family enterprise
  • Foster bonding and good relationships between family members
  • Provide opportunities to learn financial skills and wealth education 
  • Teach concepts and strategies that families can use to communicate and resolve conflicts among themselves
  • Encourage appreciation for family history, culture, and values 
  • Identify children's talents, leadership assets, and predisposed interests 
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