Family Biz Kids Mission and Goals:

We create tailored programs for children, youth and the next generation to support their development, cultivate their commitment to family enterprise and nurture the continuity of family relationships.

Next Generation Education and Leadership Programs


As family businesses develop and mature, successive generations face a unique set of needs and challenges. These generational differences are directly related to the family members becoming more geographically scattered, a changing family culture, interest in and varying ideas of the family's goals.


As a consulting firm comprised of educators with diverse backgrounds, we work with your family to create programs for the Next Generation that strengthen your family and support your identified objectives.



Our focus is:


  • Develop your Next Generation's interest in the continuity of your family enterprise
  • Foster bonding and good relationships between your kids and their cousins
  • Provide opportunities to learn financial skills and wealth education 
  • Teach concepts and strategies that families can use to communicate and resolve conflicts among themselves
  • Encourage appreciation for the history, culture and values of your family
  • Find out your children's talents, leadership assets and predisposed interests in your family enterprise
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