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Case Study on Family Generativity

Family Biz Kids programs are now in their second generation. We have developed consistent outcomes supported by qualitative case study research conducted with a seventh-generation family business. We are very proud of the fact we have worked with this family for 25 years! Imagine knowing your children’s children can experience the benefit of high-quality programs designed exclusively for your family enterprise for generations to come.

Stewardship and Generativity

The programs we design are inter-generational. All ages of your family are involved, generatively working, playing, and learning together. Our programs exemplify this concept of all generations within a family holding the vision of stewardship and passing their knowledge and support to the upcoming generation. With this realization, we have defined our programs as embodying “Family Generativity.”

Family Generativity

Family Generativity "is the concern for and commitment to promoting the next generation through parenting, teaching, mentoring and generating outcomes that aim to benefit youth and foster the development and well-being of those individuals and social systems."  -Elizabeth Bird

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