Testimonials from our Clients







“OMG LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!”


"The Children's Program is one of the best aspects of these annual meetings. Our three children are learning so much about the company and the importance of giving back, and they are enjoying newfound friendships with their cousins. Thank you so much for finding/hiring this company to run the camps during our meetings. The counselors are fantastic!"


"The Camp Program is our favorite part of the annual meetings. Our kids LOVE Family Biz Kids, and it is very important to continue the program!


“Every year, I am more impressed with the quality of the program and the educators. My daughter is so excited to come, and my son was easier to drop off each time. Thank you, thank you! Also, the teen program seems like it's off to a great start. And it's really inspiring to see the alums who are doing internships now and are active annual meeting participants.”


"The company you hired is the best! My kids had such a great time, learned a lot, and got a chance to play with their cousins. A great addition to the annual meetings!"


“Love it, and so do my kids!”


"This year's Camp was the best program that I or my children have been a part of. It would be outstanding if the program could continue to evolve in this manner. The more education & connection we can provide for the kids, the more opportunities we create for the children themselves & for the company's future. Outstanding!"


“The educators are amazing with the kids, and my son looks forward to seeing them each year. He loves spending time with his cousins in such a fun environment.”


“Love the Family Biz Kids program and the bonds it is helping to form.”


“I have two children in the program. They both LOVE it! My family is so pleased that our company has created this program. Our children never want to leave!”


"I thought it worked very well for my child and made it very easy to attend all activities and meetings."




"This was a fantastic addition to the earlier Camp Program done by the family. It is great to be able to attend the meeting and know my kids were having a fantastic time. Hope this continues for many years to come."


"Great group of people, love the schedule of activities and not having to worry about the kids."


"Our daughters are all grown up, but I have been impressed with the creativeness shown by our leaders who in turn, gave the young ones an opportunity to show their creativeness."


"This was by far the greatest new thing at the annual meeting."


The Family Biz Kids program is a highlight of my son's year. He loves his counselors, and getting together with his cousins is such fun for him. He started crying when we were driving home because he was so sad it was over!! :-(





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