We Offer Programs That Are Relevant to Your Family's Needs


Our Family Generativity programs create conditions and activities that present children and adolescents with rituals, traditions and rites of passage within the context of their peers and their family at large. Your family's history and values are interwoven with the components of the program we design for you. Throughout the program there are structured opportunities that encourage young family members to learn, work and play cooperatively with each other as a prelude to taking on more responsibilities within the family business.


All aspects of Family Biz Kids programs are age appropriate—from infants and toddlers to teenagers—and involve inter-generational family members including cousins, parents and grandparents.


Our professional assessment of your needs will establish all that is meaningful in your family legacy that you want included in your program.




  • Parent Education Workshops and Retreats: These can be built into the annual meeting structure to support and educate parents on a variety of common parenting topics as well as unique family business issues such as wealth management and raising children to be emotionally, socially and financially competent.
  • Family Camp: Intergenerational opportunities for families to come together in a camp-like setting to learn and play together.  Family camps can have specific themes and are conducted annually at a different time and location than the annual meeting.
  • Leadership Retreat: Similar to Family Camps, these camps are designed with the interests of the youth involved and offer advanced opportunities to play and work together in addition to Teen and Youth programs offered during the annual meeting.  Camping trips, adventure activities, white water rafting, outward bound activities and leadership development are tenets of Youth Retreats.
  • Financial Academy: Working with family business financial advisors these retreats are fun, relevant and experiential events exclusively designed for youth to come together and learn about financial basics.  Can be combined with Leadership Retreat.
  • Organizational Consulting:  Offering exptertise and support for family enterprises, family councils, and individual families who are interested in developing their next generation education model.
  • Focused Coaching:  Provided to an individual family member or a small family group desiring one-on-one Next Generation educational instruction.


Program Content


The Family Biz Kids experience is distinctively designed to focus on the development factors of family dynamics that foster best character traits in those who will someday be assuming positions of authority. These factors correspond to the four major areas of development; they are (1) Physical, (2) Intellectual, (3) Emotional and (4) Social.


Below is a general indication of program components and basic content that we use for staging the conditions in which your youth will encounter, enact and experience the developmental factors that will be identified in the needs assessment for your family:

  • Intergenerational: Parental and extended family participation in children's programs, family mentoring, cross generational field trips
  • Teens and Young Adults: Financial and philanthropic education and opportunitities, community service projects, field trips, team building experiences, leadership development and board development
  • Older school age: Day field trips, overnight camping trips, adventure activities, white water rafting, outward bound activities and leadership development
  • Younger school age: Art and crafts, swimming, and tailored activities dependent on the site location
  • Preschool: Music activities, storytelling, art and crafts projects
  • Infants & Toddlers: High quality childcare and nurturing, fun activities, sensory and large motor development



Financial Skill Building

Entrepreneurship and Innovation challenge using a lemonade stand concept.

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